You can take part in one of  Eddy's didgeridoo-workshops too. Either you are looking for a beginners or an advanced players workshop. Eddy teaches everything you need for a good didgeridooplaying from the basic drone, the circular breathing , animal sounds to his typical percussive didge-playing.

  Beside technical didgeridoothemes Eddy talks about his point of view about didgeridooplaying, and teaching. Feel free to ask him everything you like to know.

Didgeridooplaying for beginners and/or advanced players with Eddy Halat

Eddy teaches the basics and advanced playing technics on workshops or individual lessons. You can lean a didge for your first steps. 

If you are interested,  please e-mail or call Eddy Halat, see CONTACT

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Workshops und Events mit Eddy Halat