Best playingcharacteristic and soundquality are not the only attributes of Eddy Halat's didgeridoos. You can also choose from a wide varition of designs or have your own ideas realized when ordering your personal instrument. Below are some examples of the beautiful instruments "Carved by Eddy Halat".

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Original Eddy-Halat didgeridoos with a three year warranty are available starting at 600 Euros.

Frank Heinkel with his both "Eddy Halat"- instruments, an "Eva-Halat-Style" in "F" and a "Doublestained" in "E".

Charly McMahon proudly presents his new Eddy-Halat didge, which he got from Eddy at the first Australia Weekend in Black Forest (Germany) in 1999.

Wood: plum

Key: E

Length: 165 cm

Bell: 14 cm

Artwork: Painted with gecko and leaves

Ganga Giri with his first "Original"

Wood:: oak

Key: Fis

Length: 165 cm

Bell: 22 cm

Artwork: Bluetongue Skink relief-carved and painted

Ganga playing his second Eddy-Halat didge, made from yew, at the 2001"Swizzeridoo" Festival

Bruce Rogers with his Eddy-Halat Didgeridoo. After playing it he said:"These are the best didgeridoos that I have played outside Australia".  
One of Eddy's special orders - a remarkable work of art with a concert quality sound:

Wood: ash

Key: Dis

Length: 170 cm

Bell: 18 cm

Artwork: basic colour "doublestained", 3 carvings: goanna, platypus and turtle

owned by Felicitas und Gerhard Finke from Swizzerland

Wood: maple

Artwork: painted with Diamondback Rattlesnake

Wood: white beech

Key: G

Length: 130 cm

Bell: 11 cm

painted lizard, the natural structure of the wood is included at the bell end.

Wood: ash

Key: F

Length: 145 cm

Bell: 12 cm

Artwork: "Doublestained"  

Wood: Ash

Relief-carved and painted crocodile, painted termites and reeds

Wood: Ash

"Evolution" - from ape to didge player

Wood: Frank Heinkel's instrument made of ash

Key: E

Artwork: "Doublestained" with painted geckos

Wood: all instruments made of ash

the three didges right are "doubestained".

different keys and artwork

left an instrument in the new "Eva-Halat-Special" Style.

Wood: black locust

Key:  "F sharp"
Artwork: painted with goanna

Wood: black locust

Key: D

Artwork: relief-carvings and painted with birds and plants from Scandinavia.
Added is an inlay of mammoth ivory with scrimshawed scandinavian landscape (see artpage)

Didgeridoo made for Egon Kreidl (Austria)

Wood: ash

Artwork: "doublestained"
with painted carvigs. corn snake, baby crocodile and northern horned lizard

Wood: ash

Artwork: "doublestained" with painted relief-carvigs. Kookaburra and lizard

Didgeridoos painted in "Eva Halat - Style" with the typical orange, black and white combination. On some instruments metal- or goldleafe is added.

1. + 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

From left to right:
  1. maple. key "E"
  2. "Bird's ash", key "E"
  3. Ash, key "CIS", length about 190 cm with 18 cm bell.
  4. Ash, key "E", length about 160 cm with 11 cm bell.
  5. Ash, key "E", length about 155 cm with 12 cm bell.
  6. Ash, key "F", length about 145 cm with 12 cm bell.
  7. Ash, key "A", length about 125 cm with 14 cm bell.

Wood: ash

Key: D

Length: 68 inches

Artwork: carved and painted. Three of the eggs are painted and two are inlays of mammoth ivory with scrimshaw

Wood: black locust

Key: D-Sharp

Length: 65 inches

Artwork: carved and painted Lizard with eggs

Wood: ash

Artwork: painted with frilled lizard

Woodt: ash

Artwork: painted with tasmanian devil

Didgeridoo made for Martin Seeliger, a professional musician

Wood: yew

Artwork: "Many Moons"

Wood: all three instruments are ash in key E but have different playing characteristics on consignment

Artwork: painted with ivy, a crab and a hopi symbol


Artwork: painted with lizard

wood: black locust

Artwork: carved and painted with goanna and spider

wood: walnut

Artwork: painted with snake and leaves

wood: maple

Artwork: painted with frilled lizard

wood: ash

Artwork: painted with lizard


Wood: yew

Key: D-sharp

Lenght: 71 inches

Bell: 7.1 inches

Artwork: carved frogs with painted lizard

Ganga Giri wasn't able to leave Germany without this didge in 2001 !

Wood: ash

Tonart: D

Length: 77 inches

Bell: 7 inches

Artwork: four carved and two painted frogs

ebenholz.jpg (5120 Byte)

Special customers order

Wood: ebony

Key: F-sharp

Length: 65 inches

Bell: 7.8 inches

Artwork: carvings of amonites and goldleaf

* Doublestained: the best wood for this design is ash which is stained along the grain in two shades (a lighter and a darker one) of the same color. This can be done in a harder or softer contrast. The basic color can be chosen bycustomer.

Some Didge stands:

Didge stands are usually custom made, depending on number of didges, size and decoration.


Schweizer Vertretung: Wer von den schweizer Kunden nicht den weiten Weg nach Burgstetten auf sich nehmen möchte, kann sich auch ab sofort bei Marlies Steiner und Enzo Joho über Eddy Halats Instrumente informieren und auch dort bestellen. Ein Probeinstrument wird demnächst auch vorhanden sein.
Didgeridoo Dialog Winterthur

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It is too far for you from northern Germany to Stuttgart? Then you can see and play some "carved by Eddy Halat"- Didgeridoos at BW-OPTIK near Papenburg. Helmut Voss is very happy about your visit. Please call him for a date. +49 (0) 4962 - 99 64 84