On this page you see some details showing an overlook of the wide design variety


NEW "Eva-Halat-Special" Style. The relief design with stained goldleaf overlay gives the didegridoo a shiny surface and an antique look

Painted Geckos on Frank Heinkel's Didgeridoo

Diamondback rattlesnake, painted on a maple Didgeridoo.


Black locust didgeridoo with painted refief carving, . Goanna and Sydney Funnelweb Spider.


Frilled Lizard painted on an ash didgeridoo

Tasmanian Devil painted on ash didgeridoo
Saltwater Crocodile, painted relief carving

"Evolution"- from ape to didge player.
Painted on ash.

Termites come out of a painted "hole" at the mouthpiece

Both didges are "doublestained" ash in different colors.
Left a painted frog, right a painted lizard

A small lizard winds through the painted holes at the bellend of a black locust didgeridoo

Details of the "Egon Kreidl Didgeridoo". Doublestained Ash mit carvings and paintings

Corn Snake, Baby Crocodile, Northern Desert Horned Lizard, little turtle and a painted band on the top end

A didge stand made on consignment:

Carved and painted with a West African Gaboon Adder and a little mouse


Outstanding didgestand for this Dreaming Eagle didgeridoo. The stand is made of appletree wood with an extra mounting for clapsticks. The eagle is chasing the trout in the creek. The stand is carved and painted with trouts, frogs, a snake and a crocodile's eye hiding in the reeds.


Inlay of mammoth ivory with a finnish landscape in Scrimshaw technique, according to the theme of the "Scandinavia" didgeridoo (Original inlay size is 8 cm high)


Ash"doublestained"        Yew painted with ivy


Ash didgeridoo, "doublestained" with painted relief carving. A Kookaburra and a Longnose Leopard Lizard

Ash didgeridoo with painted lizard

didge made of maple painted with a
Frilled Lizard


Didgeridoo made of black locust painted with a Dumeril's Monitor

relief carved and painted gecko on a stained ash didgeridoo

"Frog views"

Here are some frogs from the "Frog didgeridoo" of the "didgeridoo" page. Some of them are relief carved and painted, some are just painted.


A crocodile is hiding in the reeds. The frog and the snake are part three dimensional and part relief carved and painted.
The wood is white beech.

Nearly 100 (!!) termites are hunted by the gecko on this ash didgeridoo.


The crocodile's head is part of the bell end of this didge. The eyes are carved and painted, the teeth are painted


This gecko is watching over his nest and youngster.

relief carved gecko painted by Eva Halat


On this yew tree didge (Ganga Giri's second Didgeridoo) a gecko is carefully looking out of its hidingplace.

<<<---   Frilled Lizard on the bell end of an ash- didgeridoo. It is all carved out of one piece of wood and painted.


Turtle, the third animal on the platypus-didge from the didgeridoo page. Relief carvings with paintings on ash didgeridoo    --->>>


Detailed views of the Snake-didge from the didgeridoo page.
Ash wood, carved and painted. Three eggs are painted and two are inlays made of mammoth ivory with scrimshaw.